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5 Tips for Using Evernote at Work


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Evernote is a great product that only gets better with time. The more notes you have in Evernote and the more you use Evernote at work the greater the benefits you will get. This forum probably already knows that.  


Evernote is an integral part of my work and a very essential tool that helps me manage my team and work.  I recently wrote an article on my blog about 5 tips I have on using Evernote at work.


In short, the 5 tips are:

  1. Share Evernote Notebooks (Premium Feature)
  2. Run 1:1 Meetings Using Reminders
  3. Create a Separate Notebook for Each Team
  4. Evernote at Work – Create Notes for Projects
  5. Scan Business Cards with Evernote (Premium)

See my blog for details and please let me know your thoughts!


Hussein Yahfoufi


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