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How I make photo notes for Evernote

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I take lots of photo by using Evernote.


If I take a photo by Evernote app, that photos are saved to default notebook which I set before.


But, the problem is here!!


Every photo is saved to the same notebook. This is so annoying thing because I have to categorize that photos to each notebooks.


So, I use this free app Quick Snap.






If you use this app, you can decide notebooks where the photo will be saved, when you take photos.


If you take photos by [Picnic] button the photo will be saved to [Picnic] notebooks.



Happy Evernote life!!





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My preferred app (iOS) is ScannerPro from readdle. In the app you can create workflows. Each one can target a specific notebook in Evernote, and automatically apply tags related to the workflow. Take the picture, select „share“, then the workflow, and the content is imported into Evernote, right into the selected notebook and tagged.

Because this is an app mainly designed for scanning documents, the options of the camera of the iPhone/ iPad are not really used, but for a standard picture it serves well.

Creating the workflow is done without any coding.


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