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(Archived) Spell check needs to ignore obvious nonwords


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It would be wonderful if spell-check was smart enough to ignore certain words that obviously are not words -- like words with numbers in them, words in all-caps (which are typically acronyms), words with special characters in them, words where a capital letter appears in the middle of the word (like when typing a variable name; e.g. "amountReceived").


It's understandable that some people might want some of those to still be checked and marked as misspelled, but there could be options added to the spelling options screen that allows the user to control which are checked for spelling and which are not.


It's not an option for people like me to turn off spell-check altogether, because I'm a bad speller and need it, but I'm weary of all the unnecessary red underlines when writing technical notes that include all the types of "words" mentioned above.





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