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Evernote images on Android

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Hi all,


I was doing some housecleaning on my Android phone and noticed I had about 300MB of Evernote images. These are images I've snapped in the Evernote application.


I'm unclear on the concept of how Evernote stores these images. I'm thinking it should upload them to Evernote and clear them off my cell. Over time, at the rate I'm accumulating images, I'm sure to fill up the SD card though it will take awhile. What's the scoop with how images are handled and stored locally and on the Evernote servers. Thanks.



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Pending a comment from someone who knows more,  you could try renaming that folder and then checking your notes to see whether the images have disappeared..  Evernote (AFAIK) keeps all its data in the database,  so these may be copies saved to the phone's memory for some reason.  You should be able to delete them if they're not required,  but definitely check first!

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EN saves pictures as a security measure; on my phone:



Yes, you can delete them all (after you have synced EN)

No, there isn't an option not to save them on your phone

No, there isn't an "auto-delete" option


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