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(Archived) Password-protecting notes?

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I'm new to EN but signed up when I discovered that the Pre's memos feature sucks. I used to store a lot of notes on my Treo but the post-it note layout doesn't really work for what I need. So far, this seems like it will be a great solution in addition to other manual ways I've always stored things on my computer!

I finally figured out how to encrypt text within a note on my computer but when I went to see the note on my phone, all I saw was the lock & squares symbol but couldn't get it to open so I could unlock it & view the note. Is this possible? And on a side note, is there a way to just encrypt an entire note rather than just portions of the text within the note? I'd like to be able to store passwords but for obvious reasons want to make sure they're secured.

Also, what does the button in the bottom middle of the screen when a note is opened (the circled arrow) do? It doesn't do anything other than sometimes giving an error message whenever I press it. After trial & error, I figured out what the other symbols are but that one would make me think it's to refresh or something but it doesn't do anything for me. A key to explaining the symbols would be a good idea to add to the app (unless I completely missed it).

Thanks! :-)

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The Pre client doesn't yet support encrypted text (either to create or view).

I think the icon you're looking at is a "refresh" icon, correct.


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