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(Archived) Suggestion: create small excel table calculator in Evernote


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Hi all,

Thanks for Evernote, really useful. 


One suggestion would be to create calculation functions for the table, to have available a small calculator Excel-style, with basic functions such as add, divide, sum(..) etc. to get the calculations at a glance without having to go though an excel file everytime. Thanks!



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Hi TicTac, I often have a similar situation (jotting down numbers in Evernote, needing to do quick calculations; I'm on Mac OS by the way).


But knowing Evernote (the company), I doubt that this functionality will make it into Evernote (the software). (Make no mistake, I would find this functionality very useful)


A solution to this problem which I would like to see is Evernote offering a plug-in/extension system (on Win/Mac). That way, other devs can program extensions like the calculation one; and Evernote doesn't become bloatware for the rest of the users.


Edit: For quick in-note calculations this might be a workaround: http://humanized.com/enso/

(you select the text to calculate, e.g. "(20.8+390.1)/12*30=", execute the "calculate" command, and the text gets replaced by the result (if there's no trailing =), or the result gets appended (if there is a trailing =). No idea if this program still works, it has been a while since I've tried it.


Edit2: To quickly open the calculator on windows, press [Win]+r, enter "calc", press enter.

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