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feature request - encrypt note (not just selected text in a note)

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Would you consider implementing note-level encryption, even if it contains attachments? I've seen blog posts about using Evernote to do your taxes, but I would never do that unless I could encrypt an entire note that contained PDFs or images. I don't know about anyone else, but I would really use this feature a lot.

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This is a reasonable request and has been discussed at length elsewhere:





Evernote staff are clearly aware of this request. Because Evernote doesn't typically talk about there plans, we'll just have to sit and wait for it to happen or not. 


If you have anything you are particularly concerned about, you could always use local notebooks. These are only stored on the local machine and are never transmitted to the server.  Not a perfect solution but for things like tax documents that you might not need access to on a mobile device, it's a reasonable workaround. 

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Has any progress been made on encrypting entire notes? I love evernote but this is one thing keeping me from using it 100%. I am currently looking at onenote which has the ability to encrypt sections. The ability to encypt highlighted text, to me, is not that great a feature when if I wanted to encrypt something it would be at least at the note level. Notebook would be great but I would be good with encryption of individual notes.

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