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(Archived) Where is this notebook


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I have document that shows it is located in a specific notebook. It shows the notebook name up next to the click to add tag icon.

I can click the notebook name, but it is most likley a sub-notebook.

I looked thru my entire list & cant find it.

Is there a way to jump to that notebook from that link?


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Point of terminology: there are no sub-notebooks in Evernote, though you can cluster notebooks inside a stack, which is not itself a notebook (i can't contain notes).


So it's a notebook, and I know of no way to jump directly to that notebook.


In the Windows client, you may find it easier to locate a notebook using the Notebook panel: click on the Notebooks header in the left panel, and the main display will change to a list of notebooks available to you. Up at the center-top, make sure that you have "All Notebo0ks" selected. Note that this display does include stacks, so make sure that you expand them all (I don't know of a way to show them all expanded; you'll need to do it manually). You may also be able to navigate the notebook list more easily if you right-click on the notebook panel and select "Show Notebook Headers"

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