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Copy Note Link Change in Functionality?


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Has there been a change in Copy Note Link functionality in the latest version of Evernote for Windows?  I use the Copy Note Link function frequently, and note links pasted to other programs now paste as an external http link rather than a local evernote:///view link.  Links pasted within Evernote still paste as evernote:///view.  I have been searching for a setting I might have inadvertently changed to cause this, but I haven't been able to find anything yet.  


Any help would be appreciated.  I use Todoist and Evernote desktop for Windows together to manage my workflow, and I use the Copy Note Link function to link notes in Evernote desktop to tasks in Todoist.  This basically breaks my system because clicking an Evernote link launches the browser rather than simply switching between notes in the desktop client.



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Can someone please explain how to achieve the same effect on a Mac?  I'm going crackers!

do you mean force an evernote:/// link even outside of evernote?


right-click on any note to bring up the right-click menu, hold the option key, and you'll see "copy note link" change to "copy classic note link".


You will want the classic note link. 

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