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My web app is a GTD solution that integrates very tightly with Informant.  So tightly in fact that there isn't another web app, iPhone or Android app required - you drive everything from within Evernote itself. 


I recently submitted my app to the App Center and received a rejection, with the reason: Thank you for your submission. Unfortunately, we don't think Informant is the right fit for the Evernote App Center.


I find the decision to exclude Informant from the App Center strange, especially considering there is a healthy market for GTD apps in the App Center - there's 3 other there already and that's just looking in the App Center.  I’d like to appeal the decision not to include Informant in the Evernote App Center - does anyone have an idea of how to go about that?  

Here's what I found:
Which bills itself as a productivity app, with a focus on GTD and TODO lists - Informant also handles TODO's and focuses on GTD as it's main driving workflow.
Another take on GTD this time with integration with Google Calendar - which is also something Informant provides in it’s Pro version
A web app that helps with GTD, planning projects and personal productivity. 
John Clayton
CodeRage Software
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Hi John,


Although we don't think informant is the right fit for the App Center right now, it doesn't mean it can't eventually get there. When we say we don't think an app is a good fit, many times it because the product needs much more polish and the user experience overall needs to be improved. For applications that don't make it into the App Center the first round, we're happy to take another look at an updated version after a bit more development.


Happy to chat over email if you would like: gervis@evernote.com.

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