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(Archived) Frequent Crash on Win7


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Hi Dears,


            Who has the experience of frequent crash on Win7, the evernote version is The elephant disappears almost each time I open large size note....paste picture....or just syc .etc.

            Is this unstability only happened on this version of evernote? And any remedies you know to save the note?

            wuwuwu ::>_<::  ~~~~feel frustrated about the software issue, I don't know how to operate the elephant any more~~~~


Please help and advise.



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Hi and welcome to the forums.  There's a new version of Evernote for Windows out now - 5.2.  I'd suggest an upgrade,  and if that doesn't fix things,  Revo uninstall and clean reinstall a version downloaded from Evernote.com.  (Search the forums for lots more information on backing up and reinstalling if you need it.)


You mention a large size note - can you see it in the browser version of Evernote via Evernote.com?  If so,  don't worry the content is saved on the server.  If not,  try exporting that note from your desktop client without opening it (File > Export > ..as a file in ENEX format).  Backup your whole database anyway,  and upgrade to 5.2.  See if that fixes your problem.

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