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Using post it notes

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A nice idea, scanning post it notes, but what annoys me is that once a note is created, I cannot add anything further to it, such as text or other files.

I consider a hand written note part of an overall note, or project.

Once created, these notes cannot be added to or merged with any other note, or so it seems.

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What OS / version of Evernote are you using?


Three points - 


  1. Generally if you need to add stuff to a note that doesn't allow editing because of formatting or content,  the easy option is to make your addition in a new note tied to the original by the same title or tag.  You can also link a new note to the old one to reference the content - and you could also try merging them once the new note is complete.  No one solution fits all,  but there are work-arounds.
  2. There are new version out for both Windows and Android,  so I'd make sure you're on the latest version and try again if you weren't - there have been some interesting upgrades.
  3. If it still isn't working and you'd like to suggest this as a feature upgrade,  then I'm sure the devs will be grateful for the input.
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Thanks, I use iOS 7, always updated. I've tried merging, the post it note is retained, the rest disappears.

I have the same issue with notes synced from penultimate, once in EN they cannot be edited or added to. This is why i gave up on penultimate and use another drawing app to sync with EN.

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