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All Google Shortened URLs have stopped working,

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I host my documents for the classes I teach at Evernote, and use the Google shortening tool available via an Alfred workflow to paste the links into emails, documents, ... the system was working just fine. Now all the Google redirects are blocked. The Google Shortened urls are no longer redirecting to Evernote, I am deleting them and replacing with Tiny urls. If anyone has a recommendation on a shortening tool please post here.

I am a little suspicious of about 30 redirects to Evernote failing at once, could it be a silly pressure by Google to promote hosting at Google Docs. Has anyone else seen this,
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I can't comment on this,  but I'd definitely suggest raising a support ticket with some example links - it's possible that changes on one side or the other have broken the feature,  and Evernote needs to take a look at this.

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Update:  As of today those Google redirects are working to reach my Evernote docs; I am trying to figure out why the blocked redirect and why the restoration. Please post if you have knowledge,


And thanks Gazumped, I will also post a ticket on this question, luckily I made screen shots,

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