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Note Links Disappearing After Editing a Note

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I'm able to create note links through the Windows and Mac clients. The note links also appear on my Android devices and they function correctly. The problem I'm having is - I open a note containing note links on my Samsung Galaxy S4 or my Motorola Xoom Tablet, edit the note (not the link in the note), save the note, and re-sync. That note that I edited loses it's note links on all platforms after the sync. This wasn't happening before.


I've tried searching for existing problems regarding note links and Android, but all I've been able to find are discussion threads regarding not being able to create links on Android devices. Of course my issue is different.


Can anyone offer any insight or suggestions?


Thank you in advance.

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So far creating a note on one device then editing and re-saving it on another has been something that can have a bad affect on the formatting in that note.  There's a new Android version out today that has - allegedly - changed that,  but I don't know whether it will change your experience.  Short term I'd suggest keeping links in notes that don't get edited,  or making your changes as a new note to merge with the original when you're back at your desktop.  Do please raise a support ticket to keep the tech team in the loop.

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