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Help! Evernote quits unexpectedly, tried everything!

Arsalan Sakhi


Hi! i own an old Macbook White 13.3" and currently running mac os x 10.6.8 and yesterday i cleaned out my computer for everything, she was feeling a tad heavy so it was a good idea, but now when i have installed Evernote and trying to open it up, it launches the initial synching, metadata and such, but then it crashes and says that "Evernote quit unexpectedly" - I have tried everything, really... And i really want to make it work so i can start using it again in school, and not use the online Evernote function. Please help me :-( 

This forum wont let me post the problem details, so ive attached it, in a text-edit file :) please heeeeeeeeeeeeelp :( 


Problem details .rtf

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I'd strongly recommend that you open a support ticket (see below).  The guys don't work weekends (AFAIK) so you won't get much action for a day or two,  but they're your best bet.  Meantime where you have an internet connection you can use the web version via Evernote.com - a quick look there should reassure you that you still have access to your current notes - and where you don't have web access you can always work in something else and attach those files in Evernote later.  Try uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote too - sometimes it's just a bad install causing the issues.  Backup the information you have,  and use Revo uninstaller to kill the current content - if you search around the forums you'll find more detailed instructions for your OS if you need them.

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I opened a tkt 1/16, its been ten days. 


It crashes as an app on my mac when I change internet connection. 


Any ideas on how to fix it. Nothing is lost as I sync regularly its just annoying... its been doing this for the past month... 

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