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(Archived) Searching in attached PDFs


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Hi, this maybe sounds silly, but can you tell me how to search through an attachment (pdf) from the Evernote desktop application? If it matters, I'm a premium user. I have Adobe Acrobat professional, so if I open the pdf in Adobe, I know how to run a search there, but I'm trying to avoid all that extra (unnecessary) activity.


This use case is very simple. I use the List view and I'm on a note which has an attachment using whatever the pdf tool is part of EN. When I type Control-F a search box pops up but invariably at some point in the typing, the characters will start appearing at the top of the note (above the attachment which is displayed in-line). This has happened enough times that I know for sure that it is not my accidental keystroke typing.


Is there a way to get Control-F to work? Something else?


TIA for your help :)



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Yes Gazumped, the new 5.2 EN highlights the selected word, which is much more sensible.


However, typing into the search function still produces the same error:

Control-F, type "morri" and "s" appears in the top of the note above the pdf.


Should I report this to Support?

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Doesn't happen to me in Windows 8 64-bit,  but certainly raise a support ticket - I tried a few searches,  and it seems that when a search term is not found some letters from the rest of the search term wind up in the note as a sort of overflow.  Mostly though when the search is successful all I get is highlights.

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