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Android's Quick Snapshot feature (improvement)

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Hello there,


I am a very satisfied Evernote paid user who has a quite a good idea to share here, taken from my experience with the Quick Snapshot feature that comes with the Android widgets.


Before anything, let me just say that this feature rocks! I'm really glad you brought it to life. Within 3 quick touches, you're done with it: one touch to start it, one touch to automatically autofocus+take the picture, one touch to save it. Brilliant.


However, there is one BIG downfall with this feature: the size (resolution, quality) of these pictures can not be changed in the settings. I have a Samsung S4 (16 megapixels) and they are way too big, I believe.


The main problems from this situation are:

  1. When a note is created in Evernote using this feature, it usually is around 7MB.
    1. Problem: This takes a huge chunk out of the monthly upload limit, especially if you use this feature a lot.
  2. Another problem created by this is that sometimes (very often if you are not used to this feature), the picture will not be saved properly in the note. You have to use the "rotate" function (from the right-click).
    1. Problem 1: When rotating the picture to have it shown properly, Evernote becomes totally unusable for as long as the process of turning it is completed.
    2. Problem 2: Another big problem is that it usually takes a full 12 seconds before the picture gets turned, since it's so big in size. 

To help you, here are some potential solutions I've been thinking about:

  1. In Android, we could add an option somewhere in the settings to specify the quality (size) of the pictures taken with the Quick Snapshot (or Snapshot) feature. 
  2. In Android, there could be an icon that's shown when we're in the "picture-taking" mode with Quick Snapshot (or Snapshot). Something along the lines of "HD". Tap it, and the picture will be taken with a lower resolution. Leave it on (by default), so that the current behavior stays the same for everyone. 
  3. In Evernote Windows, add a feature when we right-click on a picture to "resize" it easily so that we can save it to a lower format.

Thanks in advance & looking forward to hearing from you!


Super CC


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