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EN Premium on Web/Mac/iPhone?

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Hey guys. I just upgraded to EN Premium via the web app thinking that the Premium subscription would sync across my Mac & iPhone apps. After syncing, logging out and back in of my mac and iphone apps, they do not seem to have been upgraded to Premium! Am I missing something? I only upgraded my account to premium so that notes would store locally and load faster on my iPhone.. I never actually use the Web app!


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Ok.. it have not sync'd premium across my devises!! My iphone notes still seem damn slow to load though!! Why might this be? I am using an iPhone3GS running iOS 6.1.6 at the moment 

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It is not clear why this might be occurring. Are you signing into the same evernote account on all devices? Does your account information at www.evernote.com show that you are premium?



Also, it is important that you know that you have to tell Evernote on iOS to download specific notebooks and make them available offline. It will not do this by default. You can tell it which notebooks to make available offline in Evernote's settings. 

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