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Stacks on Android - I can't find them :-(

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Hello everyone!

I have figured out how to ADD a notebook to a new or existing stack, but now I cant FIND my stacks!

The ONLY time that I can see the names of any stacks that I have created is when I am adding a note to a stack! In other words I can create a stack, but that's all I can do!

What must I do in order to access my stacks, on Android? (KitKat)... Thanks for your help.

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Not sure whats going on with your situation. One thing: you cannot add a note to a stack; stacks to not contain notes, they only contain notebooks. Only notebooks contain notes.

Stacks should show up in the notebook list with a little arrow at the left-hand side. It points down when the stack is unexpanded (you can't see the notebooks it contains) and up of the stack is expanded. Tap on the arrow to expand / unexpand. Tap on the stack name to show all notes in the notebooks that comprise the stack. Whena stack is expanded, you'll see its notebooks: tap on the notebook name to show all of the notes contained in the notebook.

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