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Posting links in Evernote results in them going up a line



Anyone have this problem? When I insert a link into Evernote, they no longer go directly where I place my cursor. Instead, the link is bumped one line above where I want the URL pasted.
Blah blah blah1
Blah blah blah2 <------ if I want "http://www.evernote.com" on line two after the text "Blah blah blah2", the following happens (below)
Blah blah blah3 
Blah blah blah1
Blah blah blah2  
Blah blah blah3
This must be a bug. Does anyone else have the same problem? It is very annoying. Thank you.


(Edit: for what it is worth, I use Evernote for Mac)

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