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(Archived) Rogue note automatically created


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Hi there.


I have been using Evernote for a while now and have never seen behave in the following way.


A couple of days ago when I opened my Evernote application, I saw a new note that I don't recall creating. This note was called "uTorrent" and the note even had a utorrent.exe attached to it as well. I took some details of the note like when it was created and then promptly deleted this note.


Does anyone know how this could've happened? I don't have uTorrent currently installed but used it years ago. The only indication of any uTorrent file existing on my laptop was a three year old Acronis Backup text file as you can see in the second image I attached. The note was supposedly created on a Sunday (I saw the note on a Monday) and I as the only one working on my laptop.


Any help and input greatly appreciated!




Windows 7, 64bit

Evernote v4.2.3.15

Lenovo w520 laptop









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Hi.  You're in 'rain of frogs' territory here.  Evernote has never been reported as inventing notes,  so your new note must have been the result of some involuntary mouse movement or keypress that dropped a copy of the exe file into the wrong place at the wrong time.  Best advice is - delete the note,  and don't worry about this unless it ever happens again.

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I'd report that to Evernote support. They may be able to tell you when / how that note got into your notes database, whether by email, import of manual creation.

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I'd also suggest checking to see if you have any other third-party services enabled that might be at work here. I am thinking of something like IFTTT. For example "If I add this file to Folder X in Dropbox, create a new note in Notebook X in Evernote"... 

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Also, you may want to check if you have Tools -> Import Folders. This note could have been created automatically from the file that was placed in your import folder.





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It can be helpful to localize the input route.


In the unlikely but possible event that it was spammed into your account by email, does it show up if you search for:

And see if it's in the search results.
You'd have to undelete it from your Evernote trash first.
Or: source­:we­b.clip
To see if it came in inadvertently or through malicious javascript via your browser.
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I've received a reply from the Evernote Support team.


We would highly recommend to verify if you don't have any import folders set on your laptop since any file accidentally dragged to the import folder will create a new note on your account, please go to tools> import folders and disable any folder currently active.


I will have a look at this scenario to see if there are any such folders in question. 


Thanks again for the input guys! (colloquially)

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