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(Archived) EN desktop PC client stopped working, help! RESOLVED


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Using free account successfully for months but today on Windows desktop (running Win 7 64-bit) clicking on shortcut to launch EN results in absolutely nothing - no error message, nothing. Task manager in Windows shows nothing. All is fine on iPad, and on web (via Chorme). Suggestions? Thanks ...

RESOLVED: It took nearly 10 minutes for EN to open, but seems to be fine. I found knowledge base help; not sure how to delete this post


I have only about 250 Notes. I had Windows client open and had used Clearly to save a small web page; as I recall, I had clicked sync and in lower right it indicated synching joined notebooks, this message never clearer, EN became unresponsive; I exited, and now nothing happens at all. I have never made a back up of my notes and expect that would be a good safety precaution.


Added info: Yesterday I had viewed but did NOT join a shared notebook of a forum member with his tips on using EN. After writing post, I looked at EN and the left hand pane shows many Notebooks, but only the name Joined Notebooks with nothing underneath, so it seems like I do NOT have any "Joined Notebook" so the message while synching about synching joined notebooks is quite puzzling.

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