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(Archived) Evernote toolbar tiny on HD screen (Win8.1)


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I have a new laptop, with a wonderful high definition of 3200 x 1800.

Downside: several apps display toolbars, menus and other features on an absolutely minuscule scale.

And that includes Evernote.

I don't suppose there's a cure for that?

Many thanks


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thanks gazumped.

using scaling makes Evernote's toolbar and menu legible, yes - and that's nice.

However, Google Chrome environment looks fuzzy.  Word and other MS apps do look sharp. 

Menus and toolbars in Adobe apps other than Indesign and Lightroom remain absolutely tiny, although drop-down menus do increase in size - odd.

From what I have read on Adobe forums, it is about manufacturers still having to offer support for screens of a very high definition - Indesign and Lightroom, which display normally on my screen, show that it is simply a matter of implementation. I have seen a post on Adobe forums by an Adobe engineer that they are working on this. 

I have gone off topic talking about apps other than Evernote, but thought others might find it helpful.

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I don't think software engineers anticipated the development and adoption of hi-res displays quite so widely,  and -as to paraphrase what's so often said in the forums here- while it seems like it should be simple to reconfigure your display size to fit much larger displays than it was originally designed for  it apparently isn't quite as easy as you'd hope.  It'll be on a road map somewhere,  due for release in a version or three...

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