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Evernote for Mac keeps asking for location permission



Apologies for this bit of rant but I think it is justified: As a premium member for a long time I find Evernote support woefully disappointing. It is great that I can expect a response yet I can't remember one time when the response wasn't "delete your Evernote application and reinstall" whenever I had a problem. They really should find a better way of identifying bugs rather than have their paying users do the heavy lifting. I thought the whole idea for paying was to get priority and save time meaning I am paying for someone else to spend time making sure problems aren't there to begin with not thinking about snazzy backpacks to peddle online. Brands don't get built by branding alone (that comes naturally, eventually) but by delivering on your core promise of a tool that people need and depend on.


This latest problem is that I keep getting a location prompt (see screenshot attached) on my Mac many times when I launch Evernote. I would say it happens at least once a day and sometimes more often and that's just annoying. I never deny the request as I want my notes to have location data for the most part but this is just too much.






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Hi - rant semi-excused,  but what exactly would you expect the Support guys to do so as to avoid your doing 'heavy lifting'?  Send someone out to your device to uninstall and reinstall for you?  Uninstall and reinstall is on a par with 'switch it off and then on again' as being a generic fix for most things,  and something you avoid only under extreme hazard.  That's why its the first suggestion out of any support team for any software.


I speak from recent and embarrassing experience after spending a week or several using increasingly arcane technical fixes to sort something out with my clipper,  and one of the tech guys said "did you uninstall and reinstall?"  Huh.  Of course I did.  I'm (almost) a professional.  So I did it again,  muttering to myself all the while... and then found the fault went away...


Don't knock it as a tech fix!

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