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Can't remove Skitch from top bar on Mac


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Hi all, 


I uninstalled Skitch (or at least I thought I did), but its icon still shows on my top bar (see screenshot). 

When I click the Show Skitch option I'm getting the message "There is no application set to open the URL skitch:///.


Does anyone know how do I get rid of it completely?






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Some things to try

1) select the skitch icon in the Menu Bar and instead of "Show Skitch", select "Quit Skitch".


2) open your computer's Activity Monitor and locate the process "Skitch Helper" and end this process by quitting or force quitting using the X button in the top left of the Activity Monitor. 


3) Restart your system. 



It sounds like you deleted the skitch application while the helper was running. The application moved to the trash fine, but the helper is still running. When you tell the helper to "Show Skitch", it tries to show an application that is in the trash, so it throws an error your way. If you end the process by quitting the helper (1) or using the Activity Monitor (2), you should be able to empty your trash which will permanently delete Skitch and the Helper. (but this can't happen until you close the Helper!) 

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