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Advises for Evernote.



I am a Evernote premium user and use it every time everyday on my iPad and Mac, it's an awesome product. However, I found some parts are not comfortable enough for users, so I want to share my advices to improve this product.
add capacity package for extra temporary need of capacity.
     In some case, there are some users that just have a little much files or photos to update temporarily, like 100MB totally, but they do not want to pay $5 for premium service. Due to this situation, why not have a capacity package service? For example, $1 for 100MB in this month or 1 point for 100MB? 
There are some benefits:
    1. A more comfortable using experience.
    2. extend the using of Evernote points, which urges users to earn more points( like inviting friends). 
    3. train the using custom, when users realize the important and necessary to have more capacity and premium service, they would like to pay for the premium.



add the custom format template
     I always have the need to edit the format of words for different parts of my notes, why I cannot create my own format template? Here is a possible way to achieve the goal.
     1. In the setting, add the option to create format template including the name of the template, font, size, color, and so on. 
     2. Add the icon of templates in the format bar :
     post-185050-0-12365800-1393800596_thumb. (  sorry, how to make the photo bigger.....)
     you can see, there are much spaces in the right side, we can allow users to add template icon to change different format quickly. 


I hear that Evernote want to build a company for 100 years, I admire you. And on the way to achieving the goal, please never stop improving the using experience by improving every details.

about me: a loyal users of Evernote, Computer Science student.  
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