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Evernote Web Clipper and IE11; something's not right


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I have an issue with web clipper for Windows on IE11


I have a web page I want to clip. I click the elephant icon. The yellow lines appear around the text along with a UI garbled web clipper interface (please see attached).


Anyone else get this?


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thx TeePee, 

That issue should be fixed in the latest Win client release so I'll start an investigation. If you have the URL where this happens or if it happens on all pages that would be good to know. 

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I have same issue with my ie8 even with latest evernote release ,downloaded on may 7 2014

But weird that it works fine with any https web , only have issue in http web

Any one can help?

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Can you please send us a URL where this can be observed. We have reason to believe it is tied to certain pages. 



hi jbignert


  i am using WIN7 64bit + IE8 + EVERNOTE the latest build.

you can try  https://www.google.com/finance which is fine   &   http://www.google.com/finance  which show exactly same problem as the 1st post



but everything fine with Chrome with the same laptop

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here is the snap shot for reference..




i am not sure this due to the setting of my IE,  but i already reset the setting but still the same,  so can you pls help me out ?






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Thx Qlin,

We think we got what the problem is thanks to your detailed reports. We can reproduce this in IE 8 but not IE9 and above. We'll fix this in the coming Win client release but I recommend if possible that you update IE to ideally the latest version 10 or 11 (9 should work as well) if that's an option for you.  

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Good to know you guys made it ..

 yes i have upgraded to IE11 and everthing just fine..


but i am an enterprise user,  and our IT envinrionment require IE 8 since they not yet certifiy IE9.0 and above...

so i might reverse back to IE8 

and i think my case should be common , especially for coorporate users.

so still looking forward to the latest buid to fix this for IE8...


Thanks .

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