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any Rizzoma users wanting to integrate both platforms?


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Hi!  I'm a newbie here so I hope this is the right place to put this discussion.


I caught the Rizzoma wave back in May 2013 and just now going through my notes.


fact of the matter, Evernote became more practical for me in the summer as I went through all my belongings and completed the bulk of my digitization process.   I haven't looked back since and just love Evernote.


I now make Evernote my primary capture tool  - it is great having *one* place to put everything (I don't think i need to preach this here) and have an API to access and project the data in all kinds of ways ( props up to all your Evernote developers!)


has anyone else in this community experimented with Rizzoma with experiences to share?


We're talking more than just "sign up" and play with it every so often - I'm looking to exchange ideas with people who have gotten to the point of "Rizzoma is it!" - attempted to make Rizzoma the center of their universe and then found themselves falling back to Evernote.


I've love to hear what some of those reasons were and ideas you might have in regards to pulling the 2 universes together (assuming you see benefits of both platforms)


long live Evernote! :)

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