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Web Clipper and duplicate clips


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I use Diigo to save my bookmarks. I would really like to use one tool (Evernote) to save my notes, data and bookmarks, However, there is currently no way for me to know visually that a website I am clipping has already been clipped before. Diigo changes the toolbar button in Chrome and Firefox to show a red gleam when a site I am saving has already been saved. If I try to save an already saved website bookmark, it gives me an option to edit the existing bookmark. I don't see this being possible in Evernote with the web clipper. If that is the case, I have no way to know if I have already saved a site, and then I end up with duplicates.


Is there any way, or are there any plans to have the web clipper toolbar icon give some sort of notification that the page has already been saved before? I don't care that the similar notes at the bottom of the newly created clip may show that info. By the time that info comes up, the clip has been saved, and now I have to delete it if I already saved it previously.


I know this would create an issue if someone specifically wanted to save a duplicate bookmark if they wanted to add other notes or details to it, but having a visual notification of some sort that it already exists in Evernote would help keep me from creating any duplicates.

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Is there any way to add this functionality to the web clipper extension?



I would really like some sort of visual notification that I already have a clip in my Evernote account. I have many notes with duplicated content, because I forgot that I already clipped a page. Yes, I'm aware that I can see related bookmarks when I clip a page, but that only shows up after I've clipped the note. Relying on a related note to see if I have duplicates is kinda stupid. How about giving us a way to see this info BEFORE we actually save the note?

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