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Back button for saving notes is really counter-intuitive


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I find that the back button, for saving notes, should become an application button. I have to "go back", for saving?!? so counter-intuitive that, even if I know it, when I am not using it for a while I forget it!!!

Adding new notes should be a VEEEERY easy and straightfull matter.

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Completely agree with RamonH's point.  I am finding that even when I haven't switched apps, but am only "backing out" to save the just made note, that the note consists of a a blank title with no contents.  I've lost 8-10 notes in the last couple weeks.


I have had it up to here with lost notes, especially when I'm taking the time to type them on a mobile screen.  How totally frustrating to write a lengthy note, organizing my thoughts, only to find that the WP app lost it somewhere.


I don't know what other good options I have (on WP, my iPad and my PC) but I need to explore them.


Any help is appreciated.

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