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(Archived) Text word limit?

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Is there a word limit on text notes being entered from the Pre? If this isn't just a wierd bug or feature I ran into, may I suggest that the current limit is way too small? Seems text files don't take but a tiny fraction of the space a photo might so not sure why you'd need a limit.

Other than that, and not having the ability to make a saved search (or filter by tag, notebook etc.) on the Pre itself, the program is really fantastic. Loving it.

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Evernote itself permits notes with megabytes of text, and we're not intentionally restricting the editor on the Pre. If you're seeing a limitation, that may come from the Pre WebOS.

How are you seeing this limitation on the device? I.e. does it just stop accepting new keystrokes, or do you see an error dialog, etc.?


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