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Wider attachment "bubble" to display full name and different notebook layout





My relationship with Evernote was rather sketchy so far - I have been in and out and in back again. This time, however, I believe I really start to use it the way it is intended to be used and I see the potential benefits. So I gave Evernote another shot and I think I'll stick around for longer this time!


Apart from iOS apps (which are great after the re-design) I am using Evernote for Mac 5.5.0 from Mac App Store. There are two things in there that I cannot get over with or cannot get used to and which are really bothering me.


Viewing note attachments


If the attachment name is long enough, it will be truncated. It's quite obvious and expected. However, the size of the attachment "bubble" is so small that even a medium-length name will be truncated! It's quite annoying and I would love to see an option to make those bubbles make use of the full note's width.




Browsing notebooks


I know some people have dozens of notebooks. I have only around 30 or so (including few notebook stacks) but the available options to browse them do not seem very comfortable to me. When I try to access a notebook that I do not use too often (so it does not deserve a place in the shortcuts), I find it slightly irritating that I do not have a bird's eye view of my notebooks so I can locate the one I need quickly.


The kind-of-skeuomorphic view requires me to click on my stacks to reveal notes inside.

The second view is slightly better but it still can get confusing as notebook stacks can start in one column and end in another and I have to scroll to the side to see remaining notebooks.


Perhaps I am old-fashioned but I find these two views bit too fancy. I would love to see a really simple list-based view with notebook stacks as expandable lists with old-fashioned triangles (and Evernote should remember which stacks were expanded and which not) like you can see in some file-management apps.




What do you think guys? Do you think I just need more time with Evernote for Mac or do you really think that there is something to these requests?

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I think these are reasonable concerns though I haven't personally found either to be too troubling (not that that means much!).  Posting them hear means Evernote staff will at least see them. Whether anything gets changed or not, and when these changes may occur, we can only guess! 


As far as Evernote not remembering the state of a stack as either expanded or collapsed, I just ran a few tests and it appears to remember the state of stacks in both the sidebar and the Notebooks screen, even after quitting and restarting the application. Granted I am using the direct (non MAS) download, perhaps there is a small difference there. Not sure. 


There are many discussions on these boards about how certain interface elements could be improved so you are not alone. 

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