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Hi all,


I am very particular about my notes' metadata and started using the author field to store the name of the author of a note's document (in my case articles either as website or pdf file).


Now, I know that the author field is supposed to hold the name of the author of the note (which would be me because I created the note), but this information is entirely uninteresting to me. I am the only one using my account and to store the autorship information of the note's document separately would greatly enhance my entire Evernote collection.


Would it be possible to include the following option into the Evernote application: View -> Left Panel -> Show authors.


Thank you for your feedback!

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Hi - List View for notes has a few useful headings like Created / Updated / Title / Tags etc.  If you right-click the toolbar that carries these headings you will be able to add the Author field as a new column.  (But I think you'd be better off using tags to classify your authors - any searches on 'author' will be easier that way..)

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Dear gazumped,


Thank you very much for your immediate response and the note on the list view. I think this is an option for me.


What is not an option is using tags for authors. I use Evernote as a PhD knowledge base comprising hundreds of articles. My tags are strictly thematic, about 50 in number. Imagine I add hundreds of authors... this is absolutely no solution to me. Besides tags are tags (topological markers) and authors are authors (authorship marker).


All the best!

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Whatever works for you..   :)


I'd only note that tags are really only tags,  and can appear in any number on any note - plus you could have separate stacks of topological tags,  and of authorship (or any other) tags to avoid clutter.  I'm actually not sure how that would be better than your current process however,  and I am a strong believer in "if it works.."

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