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Quick reminders on Android reminder time



Hello world,


there is a nasty litte feature in Evernote for Android ...


If I add a quick reminder using the Evernote Widget, the reminder alert fires the next morning at 8 o'clock.

Which is quiete disturbing on a sunday morning when you have created half a dozen reminders the day before.


It would be better to have a reminder without any alert as a default. If you want an alert, you could manually add one.


Anybody else having this litte "feature"?


I am using a Samsung S4, german carrier, Android 4.3, Nova Launcher Prime, Evernote 5.8 Beta 4, Evernote Widget 3.1.1.


Oh, this happenend before I became part of the Beta-Tester group.



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I really hope it will be possible to turn off reminder alerts in future Android versions. It's not only the 8 o'clock problem. I am using RTM as a task app, which pulls EN reminders in - resulting in annoying double alerts on my phone. 

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The "new reminder" button (after "+" button) is inconsistent with windows and even with android app itself. In windows, by default a new reminder has no date; its easy to input one if needed. Same thing with the alternative way to create a reminder in android: entering the text note, then clicking the reminder icon, sets a "no date" reminder by default. Why not the same behaviour with the "New reminder" button? What makes EN think the default reminder should be tomorrow? Even further, if you use the "New reminder" button, it's not only not the default, it's just impossible to create a reminder with no date (correct me if I am wrong).

Would be so simple and fast:

1.-Click "+" then "Reminder"

2.-Input text

3.-Click OK to get a "no date reminder"

4.-Alternatively click in the calendar icon to input a date and time, then OK

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