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(Archived) Jump to search bar using keyboard shortcut removes selected notebook


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First of all, I'm trying to use keyboard as much as possible as, in a lot of cases, it's much faster than using a mouse.


Here is a flow that feels very natural to me: I select a notebook I need using "Alt + Shift + N" then I would want to find a specific note, so I use F6 to jump to the search bar. When I do the last action, the selected notebook (which was in the search bar prior to pressing F6) disappears and I can either search Evernote-wide or have to type "notebook:+name" to get the result I want. This feels weird and not very friendly.


Now if I select a notebook and then use a mouse to jump to the search bar, the notebook selection will remain intact. Why is there such a difference in behavior? Is there a way to change this somehow?

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F6 isn't a shortcut for "Jump to search bar", it's a shortcut for "Jump to search bar and start a new search". Since a new search means a completely empty filter, as opposed the "notebook:" filter that's generated by clicking on a notebook in the notebook list, the "notebook:" term gets removed. This shortcut has had that behavior for several years now (I use it a fair bit). There may be a shortcut key to take you direct to the search control without clearing the current search filter, but I don't know it off hand. If I come up with it, I'll post it here later on.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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