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Web clipper for android chrome



I find it weird that sharing to Evernote from Android Chrome just makes a bookmark.

It is possible to get the whole page clipped via the Pocket app.

In Chrome: Add to Pocket -> in Pocket: share to Evernote.

Pagsles get clipped without pictures but with links to sources at the bottom.

Can we have proper web clipping for Android Chrome without 3rd party apps?

Or maybe it is possible to save entire page already?


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Hey guys,

resurrecting an old post here, but still same/similar issue.

What're you guys seeing with Evernote Webclipper for Android these days?

My Android devices, for some time now, have been clipping the URL (desired), but it's also doing a screen capture, which I would like to turn off, as noted above, yes.  Sometimes I just want to quickly build a set of bookmarks for a particular subject for reference collection and management later from a desktop client.  I don't need/want screen captures of these pages, and I also don't want to capture any text content.  It's nice functionality, but doesn't work as seamlessly as it does through the desktop web browser add-in.

While these are valuable features, it sure would be nice to be able to select which of these to execute along with the note clip at time of clipping through the Button Catch.

Right now, the Button Catch only seems to offer the options to 'Clip full article', set the Notebook, and Add tags.
Otherwise, it's "Creating new note with text" and does the URL/Screen Capture combo, which slows the clipping process, with additional steps to delete the image, save the note, then back to browser.


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I have found that the latest Evernote update for android seems to have resolved this with an improved clipper.


Use the share function and select evernote, the clipper will appear at the bottom of the screen for a few seconds as a green evernote button and "saving full article". Clicking the button straight away brings up a dialog box allowing you set tags change notebook and deselect "clip full article". Deselecting this - "creates a new note with text" this function will provide just a heading and a url string to the page. On completion of your selections tap the green evernote button to continue.


I have noticed that the selection appears to stay at what ever was last selected so do check this to make sure you have the required option set.

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Since Evernote 6 for Android, it is actually doing what you originally requested.


But I actually want to turn that off! Anybody any idea how to go back to the previous functionality, where it would just create a note with the URL and title in it?





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I have Web Page Clipper (http://goo.gl/iEbwf5) on my Galaxy Note. Then, when browsing from Chrome or Firefox, just share with Web Page Clipper. This app then let you save the whole page content content to evernote, let you add tags, change notebook and record the URI of the capture. Very handy, works with most Android browser. 


For a browser that support sharing captures to Evernote natively, use Dolphin. 


Kind regards



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Maybe this doesn't work on every phone, but what I just did to send a page to Evernote is the following :

1. Long press somewhere in the page and mark either the whole page or the part that you want to clip

2. Select "share" in the menu that appears at the top of the page

3. select Evernote

4. Add tags etc to your note, if you want

5. Done


That works for highlighed content, but the original URL will not be saved.


I'd like two way to use Share to Evernote on Android:

1. Share highlighted web content and keep the site's URL as note's Source link (like the desktop version of Evernote web clipper)

2. Share entire web page as clickable link with page title (this works in current version at least)

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Maybe this doesn't work on every phone, but what I just did to send a page to Evernote is the following :

1. Long press somewhere in the page and mark either the whole page or the part that you want to clip

2. Select "share" in the menu that appears at the top of the page

3. select Evernote

4. Add tags etc to your note, if you want

5. Done

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I just switched from SpringPad, and one of the feature that I'm missing right out to the gate is to be on any web page, and share it to SpringPad. Yes EverNote has the same feature, but SpringPad adds some additional information like the first picture from the webpage, that make it really nice. It is more then just a bookmark note.

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I find it odd that Evernote was designed for mobile use, yet this function has been over looked. I don't know about the resr of the world, but I do the majority of my browsing while on the go. Whether it's recipes, diy projects, or random articles I want to read later, my tablet is used more than my laptop and phone combined because it has a larger screen than my phone, but is more portable and much lighter than my laptop. Without the clipper function for Android devices, Evernote loses the majority of it's functionality for me. Huge disappointment when I tried to find out how it was done, only to find I have to go through another app, and even then it doesn't clip all content on the page...

Please fix this.

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There is a way to use the bookmarklet.  It's mentioned on lifehacker (http://lifehacker.com/5987539/use-bookmarklets-to-easily-sent-web-pages-to-pocket-evernote-readability-and-more-in-mobile-chrome) and even in the EN knowledge base for iOS (http://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23193638).


I generally don't sync chrome bookmarks (as Lifehacker assumed), so I had to set it up similar to the iOS instructions.  In Chrome for Android, you essentially bookmark any site (to create the bookmark), then edit the details.  Give it a name like "clip to evernote" and paste the javascript code into the URL field.


Then you need to follow the Lifehacker procedure to get the javascript to run in your android Chrome on the right page.  Note you can't just go to the bookmark, as in Chrome for Android, the browswer leaves the page you want to clip to retrieve the bookmarklet.  That's why you have to start typing it into the omnibar and take the auto-suggestion.


For completeness, here's the code for the bookmarklet.


Not the best solution, but it works.  I don't do a lot of web browsing on my tablet, so it works well enough for me.

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PLEASE excuse me IF this has already been answered, AND/OR, IF this is common knowledge to most people here...

But What Is


I am trying to decide what is the BEST WEB CLIPPER to use for my Droid RAZR Maxx Android phone to post mostly to Evernote. There are so many choices. I would like to be able to:

1) access the whole page

2) see any/all photos

3) be able to open the whole page/document from Evernote instead of basically starting all over again....having to tap on a url, go back into my browser, ...etc.

I love using Evernote and am enjoying learning more about all of it's amazing features every day. Any advice is welcome. I am an admitted novice user;) Thank you so much for your time and help with this matter. Any advice will be much appreciated, KLM in SB


You can automate the process Pocket->Evernote with IFTTT.

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