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A really good support experience

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I know it's all the rage on the internet to be negative but I'd just like to say I had a really nice interaction with support. I had a minor issue but the support rep -- whose first or last name is apparently "Zuber" -- was really nice and took care of expeditiously. What I really liked was that he or she came across with a very conversational "tone" through the chat function, demonstrated empathy and seemed very knowledgeable about the product. Compared with online support I've gotten from other major software vendors this was a breath of fresh air.


I'm getting the vibe that everyone at Evernote is working hard to deliver on Phil Libin's promises for 2014 and it shows. Evernote is a great product and getting better. It's the only software I can think of that I really ENJOY using. 

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It was really nice of you to post a postive experience. You're right. Most people just talk about the negative. Evernote employees do read all the threads here so, hopefully the compliment will get back to the rep and, even more important, their supervisor.

Best of luck.

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