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(Archived) Set shared notebook as default?


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You cannot set as default a notebook shared by another user, unfortunately. 


I think one of the main reasons for this is that despite being given permission to modify a notebook shared with you, there are limitations. For example, you cannot apply a tag to a note unless that tag already exists. This would be a real pain for you as a user if you couldn't apply a tag to a note in your default notebook. 


Most of these limitations are there to prevent sharees (you) from bombarding, accidentally or on purpose, the sharer. This is particularly the case as in some cases the default notebook is the landing point for notes emailed to your account, or notes that are created by some other applications that don't let you specify (such as Reeder, an RSS reading application). 


You can set a notebook you share as your default. 

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I get that sherees should not (acidentally) spam sharers but there should be some way around this. At work we have one shared notebook so that we can all access each others notes by only searching once.

There is a way around it. Simply move the note(s) from your default notebook to the notebook shared to you.

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They would stay in that notebook? They are meeting notes after all.

I meant that if you had a default notebook that wasn't owned by you, what would happen if you tried to add something to it if you lost access to it?

Your account needs an definite way to be able to add notes via the various methods and connected to the web client.

If it was a shared notebook, there is the possibility for this notebok to become inaccessible to your account and so you could find yourself stuck when trying to add notes to said account.

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