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Business card scanner not passing address info and other info to Evernote

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Have had an issue from Day 1 since the business card scanning feature was added.  The business cards scan perfectly.  All the info related to name, phone number and e-mail sync across perfectly to contacts on iOS7.  However:

1.  company name, person's title is not picked up by scanner (I understand this is a known bug)

2. other details such as address are NOT passed on to iOS contacts (only the name, telephone number and e-mail)

3. if I make small corrections to a scan immediately after scan (such as correcting a digit that it got wrong), that change does not go through to contacts - contacts shows the number before edit

4. if I add something to the contact in Evernote, such as a comment in the note field, that does not get synced to contacts in iOS7 (this was expected behaviour since at that point the card has already been scanned - but it would be nice if it could come across)


Re: 1 - looking forward to this coming in next version

Re: 2&3 - there must be something unusual in my setup, but I can't find a way to solve it.  I have tried all the suggestions I've seen such as turning off the contacts access to Evernote, the camera sync to contacts option in Evernote, and closing and reinstalling -- but nothing seems to work.  Any further ideas.

Re: 4 - I believe manual sync is coming in the next version - looking forward to that.  Is it programatically possible to have a change post-scan also automatically updated to contacts (and maybe vice versa with a change in contacts updating Evernote as well?)




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Most of these should be fixed in the iOS 7.3.2 client.  Please upgrade to this version and give it a try.  If you still have problems, please submit a support ticket via the links below so that we can better identify the problem and track it.  Thanks.

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