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Feature Request: Zoom


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I just got a Dell Venue 11 Pro (Windows 8.1) for work and was excited to use it with EverNote. However, I've found that the app is nearly impossible to use due to the inability to zoom. I'm forced to change the text size on every note i want to view/edit, which is really cumbersome and irritating, because it throws off the formatting on all my other devices. Its only logical that the Evernote Touch appp for Windows 8.1 have a zoom feature. Please add this!

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Evernote staff do read these forums, even if they do not always post a response. So you can assume that your feedback has been noticed. Others have made similar requests in this forum too, so you are not alone! 

Some Evernote clients offer a "feedback" form, so you can always submit feedback using that too.

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Bump.  It's really hard to believe this feature doesn't exist.  Increasing font size with standard ctrl + and ctrl - and or ctrl/mouse wheel is critical on high resolution monitors that are ubiquitous.  And no, I don't want to change the native DPI.  

Another feature that would be useful in a similar way is a button to increase and decrease font size of selected text.   i.e.  increase each font that is highlighted independently so 10pt become 12pt; 18pt becomes 24pt, etc.   As of now, the only quick way to increase size is to highlight all text and change ALL fonts to the same size, so headings are no longer larger, and the article formatting is all messed up.

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