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(Archived) Accessible Evernote: need help with screen display


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Hi, I'm trying to move my Dad to Evernote, he's on Win 7, 64. His screen display is black background with white letters. And the screen resolution is 150%, so he has less on his screen than most.


Right now the EN display is all white background and I cannot find where to switch the background colour. I have a white on white program toolbar (invisible ;) ), but white text on black drop down menus.


I can see where to change the note text to white.


Can anyone help?

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Hi - white on black would be a Windows colour scheme which other software follows when its running,  so there's no setting in Evernote that you can change to alter the layout.  Try right-clicking the desktop and choose 'personalize' to see other schemes available.

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Actually, Gazumped, it doesn't work in this case. I don't have the client's system in front of me now, but I can tell you that THOUGH he has his Windows setup to be white text on black background,

in Evernote:
-the screen is blindingly white;
-The only view which makes sense is the List view. All of the items in the list are black on black (invisible) except for the highlighted item (which is orange on black). This makes this screen useless in a search mode, as one cannot see the results of the search;
-The top level program menu bar is invisible (white on white), but the drop down menus behave correctly (white text on black background);
-There may be other items which I can't recall but could investigate if the EN development team is serious about addressing this issue.

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Hmmn.  I can only suggest you raise a support ticket (see below) - I've not tried other Windows themes with Evernote,  but would have thought that it should behave like any other application and have a complementary display option of its own.  Not sure whether that's something governed by Evernote or by WIndows.  It may be this is a bug in one or the other,  and currently unfixable in the desktop client.  Does the online version at Evernote.com work for the moment?  Do you (or he) have access via a tablet and Android?

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Well, you're quite right, they didn't use that expression exactly ;)


The support tech first expressed the same thing you did: ought to work just fine, but no one had actually tested it. I wrote back about the exact details and she said she was sorry that the system didn't work, would pass it on and couldn't promise anything. You know, the usual :P

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Fair enough - I was hoping that the brain-boxes might come up with some arcane fact that would sort out some kind of a fix for you,  but reporting the fault is also going to mean they look at it when updating the application - eventually.  Depends on how easy it is to work out what's causing the problem and what's involved in fixing it!  


Meantime don't give up hope - keep trying any options you can come up with,  and maybe there will be a version your Dad can use.  


I speak from experience when I say that the more.. mature.. amongst us do tend to suffer from a certain memory fade after a while (like about two minutes) and if you have a way to easily record and remind yourself of appointments and general stuff it's an immense help in living a happy and productive life.

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My Dad has used a Palm Pilot as his memory box for some time. Now that his vision is deteriorating, I'm trying to find something that is easier for him to see (the Palm for Windows app doesn't allow any variation in format, so it's darn difficult to pick between the list of records).


This is definitely an application which Evernote could easily satisfy, so you'd think they'd be interested in the growing baby boomer market. Aah, maybe someday. :rolleyes:

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