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EN Mac - Opening a excel spreadsheet as an XLS and saving doesn't update file in note.



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Works for me.  I'm using EN 5.5 build 402491 for OSX.  If I edit the file in Excel or in LibreOffice, the change is automatically saved in EN.  Just as it should be.  Now if you're trying to do this with Numbers, you'll have to export it back to xlsx and probably upload the latest revision.

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Hi there - sorry for the delay. I sort of put this on the back burner. Have the need again. I guess maybe I need to associate my xls files with my other spreadsheet app: NeoOffice. For some reason that is proving problematic. It's set as the default in the Finder but even double clicking it there opens in Numbers. Hmmmm. Boy, any tips in that regard would be great to hear about.






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