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Sending note as email could be much more user friendly

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For sending a note as an email, I must type the e-mailadress of the person that I would like to send to the note to. Evernote only 'remembers' the last e-mail adres that I have used. This means that I always have look for the precise e-mail adress. It would be very useful if:

  • there would be an option to save e-mail adresses and to be able to choose from this list when sending a note; or
  • sending note as e-mail would open one's e-mail client (gmail, outlook, etc.), where one could simply use its adress book

How do others think about sending notes as e-mail?

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Hi - Evernote doesn't link with other contact lists - there are quite a few variations,  and it would add a whole new level of complication to keep the connection up to date with any/ all of them.  Maybe at some time it will be possible - or maybe someone will write an email client using Evernote's API to store the contact info.  Meantime I just keep notes* listing email addresses (as text) for all those with whom I share information,  and copy/ paste accordingly.


* some are generic,  some are part of a project notebook - depends on the need...

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I agree that this is not optimal. Most of the other applications I use follow your second possibility: They open a window from the default e-mail client. Even on the iPhone or iPad most applications open the standard e-mail client. I don't know why Evernote is not following the same apporach.

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