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Hyperlink messed up by encoding in shared note.

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I created a note and share with my friend. Everythings works fine from my end using Evernote windows client v5.1.2.2387

However, when I share the note (only when the note being viewed through browser)  the hyperlink in the original note is messed up.


The original link is   http://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sNo=0002091&id=19

The embeded link generated by evernote became  http://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sNo=0002091&id=19


When you click on the link it appear to be http://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sNo=0002091&id=19 but it's actual hyperlink underlayed is "http://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sNo=0002091&id=19"   

This will cause a "page not found" error.


You can see the note at this location:



Everylink has the symbole of "&id=" will be broken.
You can only get it work by copy the text (not the link) and paste to browser directly.
You can't edit the link using windows client because it's shown correctly as "http://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sNo=0002091&id=19".
Only when you view this notes through browsers you will see broken link.
I have just test with web access with my own account https://www.evernote.com/Home.action  The same problem appears.


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There was a link problem that I thought had been solved,  but this doesn't seem to be it;  I think you're best served by submitting a support ticket - that at least makes sure that if the tech team can verify the problem a bug report will make it to the dev team.

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