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(Archived) Audio Length Max?

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I was recording a meeting earlier today that lasted 20 minutes long. When I went to save it on my BlackBerry it didn't upload and save. I was wondering if it was because of the length of the audio clip. So is there a max for the audio clips, 25 MBs? If so how long will it take Evernote to use up 25MB on an audio file?


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We've seen some networking issues on the BlackBerry that prevent large files from being submitted. RIM has confirmed the bug in their network libraries, but that won't get fixed soon. If you're trying to record something long, I'd recommend using the stand-alone voice recorder to record the file. When you're done, you can try uploading the file to Evernote from the client. If that doesn't work, you may need to sync it off to make sure you don't lose it and then upload it from a desktop client.

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I too am having trouble with 20 minute maximum recording length.

Would it be possible for Evernote to split the audio into chunks to transmit back to the server and then new chunks get appended at the server? If the chunks were smaller than 20 minutes, it would also be faster for uploading into the system.


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