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(Archived) Snippet View and Cardview not showing info on some notes


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I've done a search on this problem, and the closest thing I could find was someone that had the correct display on their computer, but not on their tablet.  My problem is happening on my computer (windows 7) AND my tablet (android).


I went ahead and tried the advice given to the other person (move the {username}.ex.snippets and the {username}.exb.thumbnails files out of the database folder, logout, login, resync). Nothing changed.


On the screenshot, you can see that the note titled "BRACKET BORDERS 02, A2" has the same type of image as all of the other notes, but does not display any image on the snippet.  The same holds true for the cardview.  I have deleted the image, repasted the image, synced and resynced, and nothing has changed. 


Most of my notes are created in an excel spreadsheet, then using a macro, I create a file for each line of the spreadsheet, then upload those files as individual notes.  Then I go back and add in the image (the macro doesn't bring the image with it, and if anyone knows how to do that, it would be awesome - the images are pasted into excel).






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Not sure what to suggest on the snippet front - apart from a support ticket (see below) in case the tech guys have any better suggestions.  As far as getting from Excel into Evernote - have you looked at using the excel spreadsheet as an email-merge database to generate email to your Evernote address?

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A hearty THANKS to Support for a speedy reply.  For anyone following along at home, the problem was the image was too small.  From Support:  Please note, if either the horizontal or vertical size of an image is less than 75 pixels, snippet view ignores that image and will not display a thumbnail.

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