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Google Forms Responses delivered to Evernote?


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I have been using KustomNote to send templated notes Evernote.  KustomNote is weak at best.


I've been able to template a few of the notes I use often using Google Forms.  Works fairly well for my needs but G-Forms will only push the form info into Google Sheets.  If I could have the form Responses sent to Evernote, it could solve my needs.. and allow me to replace KusomNote.


I know I can pdf the G-Form and manually send that to Evernote, but I am hoping for something more seamless...

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Have you tried using IFTTT which can take info from Google Drive and post to Evernote?


Another thought that occurs is to use Google Scripts (depending on if you want to get into coding or not!), which you could write a simple script that would take your Google Forms submission and email straight to your Evernote email address. I've been hoping to get round to setting up one of these myself - also because of the limited success I've had with KustomNote - but haven't found time yet.



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Thanks.. I do use IFTTT with good results but as far as I can tell the only way to access the responses generated to Google Forms requests is to display it in Google Sheets..  What I need/want is the actual response form.  I've pdf'd it and put that in Evernote, but page breaks and such make it less than ideal.  Google Scripts... no idea if that is a solution.

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Google Scripts are definitely a potential solution.  You could tie a script to the responses spreadsheet of your form and email you the values in the cells when new data is added.  Search thru the script gallery.  Search for, install, and view the code for "Contact Us Form Mailer"

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UPDATE: I solved for my use case presented below with Zapier...it works great (see attached screenshot for the zap I used). I tried IFTTT but it doesn't look like they have any triggers for Google Drive so Zapier is my only option. Looks like I'll be upgrading to a paid Zapier account soon....



I see that this thread is two years old. Curious if anyone came up with a non-coding solution to this since then.

I have a very similar question. A client of mine is capturing updates from his clients via a Google form and we are wanting to send those form responses to Evernote as individual notes. The web clipper doesn't do it (it clips a blank form, even if you are looking at the submitted form response in Chrome - and I've tried all the formats, even selecting the form response text in the browser and clipping "selection"). My leading solution at the moment is to print the form response as a PDF and add that to Evernote, which is clunky. The consolidated responses in Google Sheets is not helpful in this use case as we want each form response to create it's own note in Evernote that can then be organized in that clients project notebook (vs. embedding the google sheets doc with all the responses in a note...not what we want to do in this case).

I'm going to investigate if there is a way for Zapier or IFTTT to automatically create a note from each line of a google sheets doc and see if that provides me a solution, but if you have any other elegant solutions that you've found over the past two years, I'd love to hear them.

The coding solutions presented earlier in this thread aren't going to work for this client - too techie.


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