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How Mac Evernote 5 copy note url by copying texts just like windows version?



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So the Mac version didn't have the EN clippers?No,I haven't installed web clippers,because when I use the windows,I did not have to use it when paste the url.

In order to do:

How Mac Evernote 5 copy note url by copying texts (paste to new note and url done automatically)just like windows version?

Yes, you absolutely have to install Evernote web clippers for whatever browser(s) you're using. At least that's the way it is on Windows & I think Mac is the same way. That's making the assumption by "copy note URL" you really mean "copy webpage URL". If you really mean "copy note URL", then AFAIK, there is no way to select text in an Evernote note on the Windows EN client & have it also get the (sharing) URL of the Evernote note.

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I figured this is the same challenge I'm having so didn't start a new post... 


The capability I would like is for Evernote to bring in the URL of where I copied text or an image from, and include that URL in the metadata on the "i" icon. 


With OneNote when I copy and paste anything from the web it brings the URL with it - I have the option to remove this URL. 


...this only works on OneNote for Windows though; OneNote for Mac doesn't bring in the URL either. 


Does anyone know if there's a way for Mac Evernote to bring in the URL?  

...or is this an OS limitation (assuming since OneNote for Mac can't bring in the URL either). 

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