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Can you set an INDIVIDUAL notebook's sort order? It keeps changing the sort order for all notebooks.


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I'll agree, as a Premium user, this is a much needed feature.  It would be great to set an individual notebooks note sorting order, without affecting all the other notebooks.  I need some to be sorted alphabetically, and others chronologically.  Let's hope that EN adds this ability soon.

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I use the default sort by date - newest to oldest.

If I search for a key word, I will find all resulting notes sorted chronologically from all notebooks.


In my opinion, I can see the problem that would result if individual notebooks could be sorted by unique criteria.


If different notebooks had different note sort criteria, a search across multiple notebooks would result in either a confusing collection of notes with a variety of sort methods, or all the results in a default uniform sort resulting in a longer processing time.

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I want to ping that topic and bring it out, that this is still an issue with Evernote. Sorting by notebooks would make the product a lot better.


@jbenson2: Your obstacle can be solved by having custom sorting conditions set for notebooks and for search. For example notebook "Interesting articles" is sorted alphabetically, notebook "My gardening" is sorted chronologically. If you set to sort search results chronologically, then it doesn't matter how notebook notes are sorted by default. In that way also "Interesting articles" will be sorted that way along with "My gardening" notes - all chronologically. 

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I am just adding my voice requesting this feature.  Its absence is completely at odds with the way Evernote is pitching the product -- a single tool to manage widely disparate information.  Widely disparate information needs context-specific sorting.


Having one sort order persist across all notebooks is like changing a sort order in one Excel spreadsheet and having that trigger a change in the sort order of all other spreadsheets you have. You would think that was crazy.


@jbenson2: your concern doesn't bother me at all.  If I am searching across multiple notebooks I have no expectation about what sort order I am going to get.  

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