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(Archived) Unable to Merge Notes because Content is Too Long


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I created a bunch of notes by sending emails to my account.  Now I am trying to merge them but I am now running into issues where it keeps saying my content is too long.  The email I'm trying to merge is 20 lines of text or less.  What is the problem?  Is the note I'm trying to merge to the one that is too long?  If so why does it say the content of the short note is too long?


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Hi - welcome to the forums.  I'm guessing the merged note is too long,  and it may just be that the short note is what's pushing it over the top.  You haven't commented how big the other note is,  but I assume it's pushing the maximum already.  You can edit that note and reduce its size (if you can) by removing formatting.  deleting images or otherwise reducing content and try again - or you could just leave the notes separate and connect them with a tag or a common title.  There's no way around the maximum size of a note.


(Or you could also zip some or all of the content to reduce its size...)

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